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The company is engaged in the development and production of new technology for flexible plastic packaging with high barrier and multi-functions; technical development and sales, packaging and overall design, process equipment and precision mold design and modification of plastic containers, bottles and covers, plastic products, molds, and special equipment for plastic processing; and environmental protection material R&D; technology and goods import and export.
The establishment of Xianglong marks the upgrading of the company from the traditional plastic packaging industry to new materials and high-tech industry. The company is based on science and technology, filling domestic gaps in innovative technologies and leading the "second revolution" of China's food packaging industry.
The development of the company since its establishment has become a shining star in the country giving out its light and energy, and has been praised and highly appreciated by food companies and this circle both at home and aboard. To this end, Xianglong feels grateful and strategically determines to be a global supplier of plastic packaging for famous food companies at home and abroad.
To adapt to and create a diversified, personalized and functional development trend;
Pursue higher and newer green food packaging technology with new service concept;
With the development concept of “strengthening for the safety of food around us and creating an ecosphere for healthy value chain”, we are heading towards for tens of thousands of domestic households and going abroad to serve the world.
At the same time, the company will implement the balanced development of the plastic packaging products supply and plastic machine R & D and production, integrate financial leasing and other monetary levers, and promote the application of high barrier bottles quickly. It is in line with the company’s constant pursuit of continuous and steady operation and the maximization of the company's value. It always insists on taking technology research and development as the forerunner; multi-layered, high-barrier food container products as the leading industry; multi-layer co-injection and multi-layer injection molding as development direction, to create a food safety brand environment together with food companies and become a first-class enterprise that is welcomed by eaters, respected by customers, trusted by shareholders, and satisfied by employees in the packaging industry.