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 Human Resources
Job requirements
1. Graduated from related majors such as Human Resources Management, Administrative Management and Business Administration; more than three years of experience in administrative management is preferred;
2. Familiar with the major modules of human resources; good at personnel recruitment and training; and at the same time being responsible for the logistics partly;
3. Having a good organizational ability, easy-going, and assisting leaders to organize employees to work;
 Operator on Alibaba/Taobao
Job requirements
1. Having a deeper understanding of Alibaba or Taobao; having a basic understanding and understanding of the team work division and work content of operation, art design and customer service; having a strong learning attitude, being good at communication, and can effectively complete the specific tasks assigned by the supervisors; having a strong interest in the operation, and making clear that the individual career is toward the operation of online shop; willing to learn and full of team spirit;
2. Priority should be given to those who have a certain understanding of promotion or work experience;
3. Customer service work experience is preferred;
4. Familiar with PS, OFFICE software and other tools are preferred;
5. Those with a technical secondary school education or higher are preferred;
6. Those have operational work experience should be given priority to consideration. Other aspects such as salary and salary are all interviewed.
 Taobao Art designer
1. Details page set production for Taobao.
2. Some picture processing for simple activities of Taobao
3. Size adjustment for some product image.
Job requirements
1. Having some work experience, proficiency in Photoshop and other graphic design software and Taobao shop decoration process.
2. Being careful and serious, with ambition and responsibility, desire for success.
3. Understanding the general CDR and AI operations.
4. Honest and trustworthy, not exaggerated, willing to study and aspiring to improve themselves in technology.
5. Being discipline, with good work attitude and work responsibility.